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Company plant and the pipelining production which is the same as Germany Neoplan were designed according to the most advanced technology from Europe with 120,000 square meters and production capacity of 10,000 units per year.

Since 1999, Youngman Automobile experienced the 12 years with high speed development, during which it led the high end coach market of China and provided "Made in China" for high end coach market in the world. In these 12 years, one thing remains unchanged, i.e. the will and the confidence of Youngman to produce energy-saving, environment friendly, safe, comfort and high cost performance coaches.

Youngman made it. Currently, Youngman products cover all fields such as long distance passenger transport, public transport, tourism and special coach, and it also cooperates with Germany Neoplan to achieve more leading advantages. In China, the long distance coach of Youngman remains the leader of high class coach industry since 2001. The buses of Youngman occupies the dominate position of low floor bus market in China and win the tender of bus procurement for Beijing Olympic Games for more than 1200 vehicles. The tourism coach of Youngman promotes the spirit of "Classic Tour" of China and acts as the guider of China high end tourism coach market. At the same time, the Youngman Auto also actively develops the hybrid power, the electric and other new energy vehicles and becomes the sponsor, participant and framer of many industry standards to achieve new development of China coach industry.

In the world range, the Youngman keeps going ahead and represents the China coach enterprise to echo the sound of "Made in China". Under the overseas strategic guide of " Not only be the coach loved by Chinese people, but also by the people all over the world", Youngman has become the first China bus manufacturer to pass the EC homologation and its products spread over the world, from South Korea and Singapore in Asia to Germany, Russia and Romania in Europe, and then to the USA, Chile and Peru in America.

"Youngman" belongs to China, and also to the world. In the future, "Youngman" will insist on striving to provide better bus and coach products for China and the world.