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German Neoplan Bus Company which belongs to MAN group now, is one of the global famous bus companies in the bus field with more than 80 years experience in designing and producing buses, Neoplan brand is also acknowledged as the top bus brand in the bus field. Neoplan is the creator of Monocoque body and obtains the patent of independent air suspension front axle and A-shape design in rear axle with self-steering structure, many of Neoplan bus models have obtained the Annual Best Bus Award in different year of Bus World, and it is the top honor in the bus field.


It was found by Mr. Gottlob Auwrter in 1935, in the beginning, it did not have such big production capacity like BENZ and MAN, but it could get some market and became one big leading bus company is due to its professional bus design and manufacturing technology with high quality products to get a lot of customers. Now Neoplan belongs to NEOMAN group and it is as high level bus brand in MAN in operating the business separately, meanwhile, Neoplan respects the best brand of design and manufacturer in bus field. Right now Neoplan has luxury coach, inter city bus, city bus, airport apron bus, electrical buses, etc.


German Neoplan front axle (left) and rear axle A-shape structure (right)