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Technology & Quality

quality        YOUNGMAN operates strictly according to ISO9000 quality management system and implements loop control, delicacy management and data presentation to ensure the good quality of bus. Each vehicle has a traceable quality inspection list and each working position has four quality control loops of self inspection, special inspection, mutual inspection and final inspection. The technical process participates in loop control at same time to control at each step, and the final inspection is conducted by German Neoplan experts. The vehicle can delivery to the customer only when it meets the Neoplan standards.

        To explore the international market, YOUNGMAN has achieved several international certificates to ensure the quality of YOUNGMAN buses. We made the certifications related to the completed buses, as well as the parts and components. Several models of YOUNGMAN buses have passed the strict European and GCC homologation, which prove the quality of YOUNGMAN buses can meet the international standards.